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Posted on December 23 2012

Sexual performance issues are a common challenge that people from all walks of life face. If you have ever suffered from intimacy issues, then you know how it can affect every area of your life. It can restrict your ability to find and maintain healthy relationships. Hypnosis has helped many people who suffer from various types of sexual performance issues. The first thing anyone suffering from sexual performance issues should do is see their doctor and find out if their challenge is related to a medical condition. Once you rule out medical conditions, then you can move on to other solutions. Sexual problems can include anything from impotence, fear of intercourse, inability to reach orgasm, or erectile performance issues. There are many types of sexual issues people deal with and they are not as uncommon as you might think. Do not be afraid to seek help for these problems due to feelings of embarrassment. A trained consulting hypnotist will be able to explain how hypnosis can help you overcome your specific problems. Finding a solution for the challenge often includes finding out what caused the problem in the first place. The issue sometimes starts with an abusive or traumatic experience. Hypnosis can prove helpful in recovering lost memories of fearful or abusive situations. Once the original sensitizing event is identified, suggestions can be utilized to release painful situations and relegate them to the past where they belong. Another cause of sexual disorders is stress. When you are feeling worried and anxious, it is hard to relax and enjoy sex. Hypnosis can help you learn to let go of stress. Performance anxiety and low self-esteem can also play a harmful role in your sex life. Utilizing hypnosis, you can learn to feel more confident and move beyond feelings of low self-worth. If you are feeling unattractive or inadequate, it can lower your desire to have an intimate relationship. Utilizing hypnosis, you can rise above those feelings. But how does hypnosis actually work? Hypnosis is somewhat like reprogramming a computer. You use your conscious mind on a day to day basis to make decisions and choices. Your subconscious mind is in the background but also at work. When you find yourself in an intimate situation, your subconscious mind might be reflecting on an abusive situation from your past. You might not even realize it, but the pain of the past is inhibiting the present, making it impossible for you to feel comfortable or find intimacy an enjoyable experience. During hypnosis, you can learn to let of go of the past and separate it from the present. Your subconscious mind can accept positive suggestions that allow for accelerated change. A consulting hypnotist can use guided imagery and visualization to help you see and accept yourself as an attractive, sexual being. You no longer have to endure the limitations associated with sexual performance issues. Seek out a trained hypnotist who specializes in helping clients overcome sexual performance issues and enjoy a healthier, more enjoyable sex life. For more info, click Hypnosis.

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