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Make money blogging online

Posted on November 11 2012

Do not worry. You need not to be a computer whiz to make money online from blogging. What you need to do is perseverance. This is what sets the winners apart from the losers. You can be one of those winners by following these five steps. Take them in order and do not skip a step and you will succeed. Once you have one small success under your belt, learn from it, and replicate it. This is how you will be growing your online blogging empire! You can do it. 5 steps to make money from blogging If you are interested, take a look at Make money blogging online.

Set up a blogging account

You have websites out there like Blogger.com and WordPress.com where you can set up an account and blog to your heart's content. The two we just listed are free to use. But do make sure to read their terms of use. We know that WordPress.com does not allow affiliate Clickbank links to be placed on any of their blogs.

Of course, there are other blogging platforms out there, but those two are the most popular. Look around and choose one that fits your style and one that allows you to monetize it.

If you are serious and sure that you can drag your blogging for years after years, then you need a bit investment in terms of buying a domain name, renting a server and installing WordPress blogging platform (which is of course free and distributed through WordPress.org). You can read our two articles on how to choose domain nice names and why you should prefer a .com extension over other extensions.For more info, visit this website.

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